Our Culture

Life at Truebeck…

…is living our core values everyday. Our culture is built by the actions of team members in pursuit of our company mission. By living our values, we build our culture. You will see two characteristics lived out by our company, our teams, and our people: caring and results.

From the first day you start, we hope you see and feel the family-like environment at Truebeck. We consistently hear, especially from new hires, how Truebeck feels like a family. With a focus on a caring culture, we prioritize relationships and mutual trust. Our work environments are warm, collaborative, and welcoming places where people help and support one another.

We also really care about results, which is why we’re one of the top general contractors in the Bay Area. To solve technical, complex problems, to pioneer new ideas in engineering, to advance industry standards, we must cultivate diversity in thought, diversity in experience, diversity in people. To be an innovator means to do things differently. It takes many different points of view to build an intellectual community capable of excellence.

The Truebeck Pledge

Some call it a mission, we call it a pledge. This is not just our calling, but our promise to our team members, our clients, and everyone we work with. This is how Truebeck is disrupting the industry…

Truebeck Values

Our values guide our team members and our business in big and small decisions. They are not generic words, but instead thoughtfully crafted and motivational sayings. To keep them alive, we recognize our team members who consistently live our values – they are nominated by their peers and celebrated at our annual company-wide huddle. With meaningful values, Truebeck is a rewarding place to work for all.

What We Build

On our projects we build spaces for medicine to be made, students to learn, doctors to cure, companies to innovate, and locals to shop. Our clients bring their vision and we turn it into an award-winning reality.

  • Steve Jobs Theater

    Everyone held their breath as a crane lowered the massive carbon-fiber ceiling of the theater onto the thin glass walls—the only support structure for the roof. Underneath the project was a massive below-ground theater with a glass cylindrical elevator. One error or one miscalculation could cost millions. With the ceiling in place, everyone sighed with relief and marveled at this world-renowned theater.


  • Uber Mission Bay Headquarters

    One of the most innovative and smartest buildings in the entire world is the Uber Mission Bay Headquarters. It’s one-of-a-kind facade allows for a computer regulated system to open and close windows to adjust temperatures. Retracting walls on the first floor can either provide wind protection or extra street space and skylights let visitors see all the way up to the roof of the building.


  • The Alexandria District for Science & Technology

    This is the new science and technology campus that is bringing bioscience companies to the San Francisco Peninsula. With a unique glazing system that utilizes the latest in glass technology, a restaurant, gym, and 3.5 acres of landscaped outdoor space, this behemoth project redefines what an exceptional space is for the life science industry.


  • Facebook MPK-22

    Challenging, fast-paced, and uniquely designed, the Facebook MPK-22 project never has a dull day. From the internal canyon of meeting rooms and office spaces, to the Frank Gehry designed building-block esque shell and glass exterior, the new Facebook campus building is one of the most daring endeavors of our team.


  • Sonoma State University

    A historical first was the introduction of Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute—a program dedicated to training students to work in the wine industry. To match this historical program, the Wine Spectator Learning Center was built and designed to capture the aesthetics of both academia and the wine industry.


Office Locations

Our Home Away From Home

Truebeck’s offices are located across the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest. These offices provide easy-to-access locations for our teams and a fun and engaging atmosphere that captures the Truebeck spirit!

San Mateo

Our San Mateo office is conveniently located on the peninsula for quick access to all projects and personnel for our business operations and leadership teams. This office hosts the Truebeck Academy Learning Center, a fully-stocked kitchen, our cutting-edge Construction Technology & Innovation room, and the Truebeck Speakeasy.

Office Locations

San Francisco

Our San Francisco office was designed and built in-house using the talents and vision of our own Interiors team. Each part of the office: the vibrant kitchen and bar, open work area, stylish library, and meeting rooms has a unique feel that represents the many fun aspects of Truebeck.


Our Portland office showcases the culture of Truebeck and our team’s design talent. With a dazzling roof deck and a mass timber design, the Portland office is a vibrant workplace. This office serves as the hub for all our activities in the Pacific Northwest.


Our Sacramento office is located in Land Park, a short distance from Sacramento’s historic downtown. This regional office will serve the Greater Sacramento Metro Area and support clients that have expanded into the region from the Bay Area.

Unique Company Events

From tailgating to award ceremonies, we love events that bring us together, benefit our community, and are just plain fun!

Truebeck Huddle

This annual all-hands event brings the entire company together to enjoy good food, fun games, and celebrate our success. The Huddle is one of our most cherished events and reinvigorates the team with the Truebeck spirit.

Scene Local

We participate in industry events that benefit local charities. For Scene Local, our team partnered with an architect to create a space that explored the idea of “play.” All event proceeds were donated to an organization helping children overcome bullying and harassment.


Each year, we host an internal campaign to raise funds for men’s health and we celebrate our success at the end of November with our Movember Awards Night!

Stanford Tailgate

Every year we host a very special event that brings football fans together at Stanford University. Our pre-game tailgate is filled with grilling, games and good times. Then we all attend the big game together!

Our Team for Tomorrow

Truebeck believes in corporate social responsibility and you’ll see those efforts through philanthropy and volunteering. Doing good for others and making a powerful impact in our community are an expression of our values, as a business and as people. We tap the power of people to change tomorrow – that’s why our volunteer program is called Team for Tomorrow. Our mission is to build a volunteer team that fortifies the creative spirit, energy, and commitment that drives Truebeck.