Project Executive

Job Openings in the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland Region

At Truebeck, your career will accelerate while you work with your Truebeck teammates and leadership closely to collaborate on world-class projects in a fast paced, exciting, innovative, and challenging environment. As a Project Executive at Truebeck, you will help build the Truebeck team, being involved in business development, recruiting, preconstruction, and committees, and you will lead project managers on critical aspects of your construction projects. Your development as a leader will continue as you help forge the future of Truebeck.

You will leverage your network of the top clients, architects, construction managers, and trade partners in the San Francisco Bay Area or greater Portland region and add new ones as you build more connections.

As you navigate past all the desks in the trailer to your office, along the way you high-five the new project engineer. She’s been working hard on a challenging part of the project and she just had a major breakthrough. The high-five is how we express our gratitude and team spirit around here.

In your office, you join in on a Truebeck Academy committee conference call to collaborate on the upcoming Project Manager curriculum for the next year. You’ve taken note during the past year of their strengths and weaknesses, and you hope the new training will take their skills as leaders to the next level.

As the call ends, you see an email from leadership that you’ve been selected to be the Project Executive for a new project proposal. You’ve heard about this project. It’s the state-of-the-art headquarters for that high-tech client with one-of-a-kind features and world-class amenities. You crack your neck and stretch your arms out as you begin working on the custom content for the proposal. There’s no way you’re going to let this project go to anyone else.

Then you drive to lunch at your favorite spot, a local deli that makes the best sandwiches in the world. It’s a hidden gem that you discovered because of working close to the job site. There you meet a friend who happens to be a principal for an architectural firm that you have known for years. You exchange leads on new projects and enjoy some laughs about the experiences you had when you both worked together for the first time on a project.

Next, you go to one of your other projects to help your Project Manager and Superintendent develop an innovative solution for your client. Lastly, you meet with the recruiting team to review your various team’s upcoming growth. It looks like there will be a few open roles and you have a few candidates in mind that would be excellent choices.

Fortunately, since your project is close to home, you miss all the heavy traffic. Sure there were a few long red lights but what’s that compared to an hour of sitting in stop-and-go? As you settle in for the night, you crack open your favorite beverage and watch a local news station. In the background you see a building towering over the others. “I built that,” you say as you smile to yourself.

Truebeck Academy is our own in-house training program for you to continue to grow as a leader. As a Project Executive, you will have your own curriculum, course catalog, and schedule of training events that will occur monthly throughout the year.

These take place in our in-house training center with both Truebeck leaders and external consultants, depending on the course. Examples include:

  • Case Studies
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Development
  • Client Contract Review/Negotiations

Afterwards, you will get to do some social networking with your peers, department heads, and other members of Leadership over a beer or cocktail in the Truebeck Speakeasy.

Truebeck is a true leader in construction innovation. We have a team dedicated to the research and development of the latest hardware and software in our industry. We call this Construction, Technology, and Innovation (CTI).

Our culture of innovation and technical building has given us the opportunity to build for some of the world’s most innovative companies. Embracing creativity and technology makes your team member’s jobs more exciting and efficient. Examples include:

  • Drone flyovers (your PE will be an FAA certified drone pilot)
  • In house laser scanning (your team will have a member that is trained how to do this, and we own the equipment)
  • Building Information Modeling 
  • Power BI dashboarding

Our team is diverse, but we all share something. Our passion for building, our curiosity for innovation, and our desire to cultivate a workplace that feels like family.

As a Project Executive, you will play an integral role on who joins the team. You’ll be a part of shaping the Truebeck culture and deciding who we hire.

“Working at Truebeck has afforded me the opportunity to create growth within the organization through the guidance of our company values. I’m also able to create and grow successful teams with uncompromising support from our company leadership and owners. They’ve given me an open-door policy and always encourage me to seek their counsel through any endeavor I undertake.”

– Travis, Project Executive

At Truebeck, work-life harmony is important to our culture. We do our best to put team members on projects close to their home as well as letting our teams work out of offices near them. Beyond reducing commute time, we host activities that family and friends can join. We want our team to have a healthy personal and professional life and to thrive in both areas.

Our communities shape Truebeck’s culture in unlimited ways. We live and work in unique places in the world—nexuses of innovation and diversity—that have made Truebeck a successful and exciting place to work. By dedicating ourselves to service and giving back to our community in meaningful ways, we are investing in the special communities around us. You will have a lot of opportunities to volunteer and make a difference.