Business Operations

Job Openings in the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland Region

Behind our construction teams are the individuals responsible for our business operations. These teams push the limits on innovation in the construction industry, drive growth for the company, and ensure that Truebeck is a leading general contractor on fronts like safety and career development.

Explore the Different Roles We Hire For.

Truebeck has one of the best safety records in the construction industry. This extraordinary success is a direct result of our safety culture. If you are passionate about the health, safety and well being of others and enjoy helping teams meet client goals in an innovative way, learn more about our safety job openings.

Passion. Vision. Inspiration. Guts. We are creatives! The marketing team is a key function of Truebeck’s growth, through branding, marketing strategy, communications, and digital media. If you have creativity in your DNA, enjoy a culture of inventiveness, and find purpose in helping grow a company, you will find this a rewarding opportunity.

Finding, implementing, and equipping our team with the latest in cutting-edge technology for the construction industry is the responsibility of our Construction, Technology, and Innovation team. If you have a passion for using technology that drives efficiency and adds value for our clients, then learn more about our CTI team.

Our finance team is the lifeblood of our company. Whether you are an established accounting professional or a student contemplating a career in construction finance and accounting, learn more about our team of finance and accounting professionals to gain the critical knowledge and abilities you need to advance your career to the next level.

Our unique culture, the generous benefits and perks we offer, and the programs we have in place to train our team to reach their full potential is in large part thanks to our HR team. If you want to be a part of a team that is at the helm of leading Truebeck’s employee experience, then come join us.

Innovation. Technology. Communication. From Service Management to Public Cloud administration, your career will encompass many facets of IT. If you are seeking an opportunity to join an exciting ever-growing Information Technology team, then learn more about how we provide the highest level of service to our team members.

Our ProCraft team supports Truebeck’s vision in building the best by providing the best service. Our typical workday is never typical, and we pride ourselves on being flexible to get the job done as a team. If you’re interested in equipment and vehicles, enjoy giving the best service, and want to join a company that cares about you, learn more about ProCraft!