Construction Superintendent

Job Openings in the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland Region

At Truebeck, your career will accelerate while you work with your fellow Truebeck teammates to build world-class projects in a fast paced, exciting, innovative and challenging environment. You will forge your path to success by creating your own schedule, site logistics plan, safety plan, quality plan, and lead some of the West Coast’s best trade contractors.

Love to self-perform work? You will definitely get to do that too, leading Truebeck’s carpenters and laborers to set forms, pour concrete, do rough carpentry, set casework, or do demolition.

You will get to build amazing projects while leading and mentoring your team of assistant superintendents and foremen. As you do so, your relationships with many of the top clients, architects, construction managers, and trade contractors on the West Coast will strengthen and grow.

Your company truck rumbles down the road as you pull up to your job site. As you step off you see that some of your foremen got in early, they wave to you as you nod back and step into the job site trailer. Before getting started, you see the tray of Friday breakfast burritos and pick one up. No need to start the day on an empty stomach.

You kick your morning off with a safety planning meeting. As the one responsible for leading the carpenters and foremen, your number one priority is ensuring their safety.

Next, you strap on your boots and hard hat to meet with your assistant superintendents and foremen to do a final inspection before your concrete pour. You pull out your phone and take a quick picture of the commemorative scene, then send the photo to marketing. No doubt they’ll want to highlight this moment in the company blog.

Your Project Manager teammate catches up to you to revise your schedule to accelerate the project duration. You made a few suggestions and the project managers and engineers really ran with your ideas to deliver a more aggressive schedule.

With a few of the other foremen, you drive to lunch at your favorite spot near the project and meet a friend who happens to be one of your trade partners from your last project. You exchange ideas on a new forming technique and enjoy some laughs about the experiences you had on the last project, like the time the photographer stepped into knee deep mud on accident.

On your way back to the office, you place a call to ProCraft—Truebeck’s equipment and materials company—and order some materials for next week.

When you arrive at the project site, an MEP Coordinator comes into your office and asks you for some help on some MEP coordination challenges she is having. Lastly, you send an email recommending one of your foremen be promoted to Assistant Superintendent. You’ve been working side by side with this foreman for over a year now, and you can tell that he has what it takes to be a leader on the job site.

As your day winds down, you join in on a Team for Tomorrow committee conference call to collaborate on the upcoming Truebeck sponsored Skeet Shooting Competition and which charity proceeds should go to.

As you head home, you roll down the windows of the truck and feel the wind rush through your fingers. It’s Friday, and tomorrow you have plans to spend time with the family and do the most relaxing activity, go fishing.

Wherever you start when joining Truebeck, there is always room for growth. We want our team to develop the leadership skills they need to succeed and we actively train and promote our team members to give them the opportunity to become leaders in the construction industry.

Truebeck Academy is our own in-house training program for you to continue to grow as a leader. As a Superintendent, you will have your own curriculum, course catalog, and schedule of training events that will occur monthly throughout the year. These take place in our in-house training center with both Truebeck leaders and external consultants, depending on the course. Examples include:

  • Case Studies
  • Presentation Skills
  • Scheduling
  • Safety Planning
  • Site Logistics Planning

Afterwards, you will get to do some social networking with your peers, Project Executives and Leadership over a beer in the Truebeck Speakeasy. Your fellow superintendents will start to feel like your family.

Truebeck is a true leader in construction innovation. We have a team dedicated to the research and development of the latest hardware and software in our industry. We call this Construction, Technology, and Innovation (CTI). Our culture of innovation and technical building has given us the opportunity to build for some of the world’s most innovative companies. Embracing creativity and technology makes your team member’s jobs more exciting and efficient. Examples include:

  • In house laser scanning (your team will have a member that is trained how to do this, and we own the equipment)
  • Drone flyovers (your PE will be an FAA certified drone pilot)
  • BIM Modeling

At Truebeck, our team comes from different backgrounds, demographics, and beliefs, but we all share something: our passion for building, our curiosity for innovation, and our desire to cultivate a workplace that feels like family.

As a Superintendent, you will play an integral role on who joins the team. You’ll be a part of shaping the Truebeck culture and deciding who we hire.

I joined Truebeck because of the people, they work as a team to build technical projects and you feel deeply connected to them. The people here work hard to go the extra mile for their teammates each day. Truebeck places high value and importance on eliminating obstacles so that people and projects succeed.

Jim, Superintendent

At Truebeck, work-life harmony is important to our culture. We do our best to put team members on projects close to their home as well as letting our teams work out of offices near them. Beyond reducing commute time, we host activities that family and friends can join. We want our team to have a healthy personal and professional life and to thrive in both areas.

Our communities shape Truebeck’s culture in unlimited ways. We live and work in unique places in the world—nexuses of innovation and diversity—that have made Truebeck a successful and exciting place to work. By dedicating ourselves to service and giving back to our community in meaningful ways, we are investing in the special communities around us. You will have a lot of opportunities to volunteer and make a difference.