Truebeck Academy

A General Contractor and an Academy

One of our core values is, “If it’s not the best it simply won’t do.” With that in mind we are extremely proud of our in-house learning program, Truebeck Academy! We offer blended learning solutions, which combine a mix of traditional instructor-led courses and e-learning content delivered via a convenient and user-friendly online platform.

In-House Professional Instructors

The backbone of Truebeck Academy are our instructor-led courses. Developed and delivered by our own Truebeck team members, these courses help new team members gain the skills they need to get off to a strong start and more seasoned team members polish the skills they need to move forward in their careers.

A Library Full of Construction Industry Knowledge

Our Truebeck team members create and produce their own library of microlearnings to help team members gain skills on demand when and where they need it. These microlearnings can be accessed whenever needed.

Information Beyond Construction

In addition to traditional engineering content, we also offer video courses taught by industry experts in software, creativity, and business skills to support life-long learning.

Clear Learning Goals, Rapid Growth

All the facets of Truebeck Academy give learners a clear view of what excellence looks like, connects learners to the resources they need, provide opportunities for growth, and helps learners develop a growth mindset which drives innovation.