The Truebeck Foundation was created to support disadvantaged and underrepresented youth in their education needs. The Foundation represents our commitment to social responsibility and local youth in our communities.

Our annual Truebeck Foundation Golf Tournament is an opportunity to join us in funding local youth. Interested in playing or sponsoring?


Being responsible means being sustainable. As a builder, we understand that our most profound contribution to a sustainable planet comes from the design and construction of the buildings we bring to life.

Our team has cultivated a culture that cares about the entire life cycle of the products we’re using day to day. We prioritize the environment through comprehensive recycling programs, a partnership with Recology, the use of compostable products, and the adoption of smart water systems to eliminate single-use plastic bottles.

  • Fleet Vehicles
    • Truebeck embraces advanced technologies to reduce environmental impact. Our fleet includes low-emission electric and hybrid vehicles, complemented by EV charging stations.
  • Volunteering
    • At Truebeck, we’re passionate about giving back to our community and environment through our Team for Tomorrow program. We regularly participate in beach cleanups with the Pacific Beach Coalition and neighborhood cleanups with AdoptOneBlock. Volunteering reflects our values of people-centric business and environmental stewardship.

We have successfully completed projects achieving certifications by LEED, Fitwel, WELL, Net Zero, and the Living Building Challenge. We can deliver these results in design-build or design-assist delivery models, led by team members who are dedicated to environmental design excellence.    

  • Mass Timber is a renewable, sustainable alternative to steel and concrete that has significantly less embodied carbon. Truebeck has delivered 100-year mass timber structures for civic municipalities, eight-story multi-family buildings, and even our own Portland home office.
  • We are actively exploring and integrating low-carbon concrete and cement alternatives into Truebeck projects due to the high embodied carbon associated with traditional cement. Limestone Calcinated Clay Blend (LC3) is one of several options our team can explore for your project.

  • All-electric buildings offer improved health, energy efficiency, and significant reductions in carbon pollution. With our planet evolving to become more sustainable, it is imperative to develop an infrastructure capable of integrating new electrical sources.

By shifting onsite field construction to offsite manufacturing in controlled environments, Truebeck reduces the amount of wasted material generated in the construction process, minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • For the Uber Mission Bay project, the operable skin, or “breathing facade,” was controlled by sensors on the roof and tied into the Building Maintenance System to allow natural ventilation in circulation corridors and shared spaces. The commons space features a design that pushes hot air upward, naturally ventilating through custom skylights to regulate the temperature. This design strategy not only led to an aesthetically pleasing facade, but also reduced energy consumption by 20%.
  • Active Chill Beams create an energy-efficient HVAC system design and enhance both end lab user experience and sustainable impact. The chilled beam system allows for higher ceilings in TI spaces and contributes to lower life cycle costs.


Truebeck is committed to social stewardship centered around safety, diversity, inclusion and belonging, community relations, and health and wellness.


Truebeck is committed to the highest ethical standards, financial stability, diverse spending, innovation management, and ensuring excellence in the corporate governance standards of our industry.