A healthy, thriving team.

Trubeck fosters a workplace where everyone is able to thrive not only professionally, but also personally.
We embrace well-being as a shared goal.


In addition to what our medical carriers and our EAP already offer, Truebeck provides access to this online therapy platform––the largest in the US with over 20,000 licensed therapists. BetterHelp makes professional therapy available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. BetterHelp is completely confidential.

Robust PTO Program

Truebeck’s generous PTO program grows with you.

Building the Blend: offered to eligible employees with high levels of accrued PTO and allows you to sell one week of PTO for each week of PTO that you take.

Bonus Service Anniversary Sabbatical Weeks: eligible employees receive a bonus sabbatical week following their 5-year anniversary and receive additional weeks every four years thereafter.

Increased Annual Accrual Rate: every four years, eligible employees increase their annual PTO accrual rate by one week per year, up to the max.

Sit-Stand Desks

Standing desks are loaded with positive effects on health and productivity at work.

By limiting the amount of time you spend sitting, and by focusing on movement through alternating your postures with a standing desk, you can lower feelings of stress and fatigue while improving mood and energy levels. Truebeck offers standing desks to all employees.


Eligible employees get a personal account that receives a $75 stipend each month that can be used for a host of wellness focused activities––from news subscriptions to spa day certificates, from food delivery to babysitting services, there is a host of options that your ThrivePass funds are begging to be used on!

Healthy Snacks

Everyone loves to snack, it’s just part of being human. We believe snacks can be crazy delicious but also better for our employees, so Truebeck offers an extensive menu of healthy, trendy, and appealing options that offer something for everyone. So go ahead and load up to help get you through the day!

Wellness Week

Truebeck actively participates in this annual initiative, designed to enhance health, personal growth, and resilience, and offer valuable opportunities for all. As active contributors to our well-being journey, we can shape a workplace where everyone not only thrives professionally, but also personally. By uniting our efforts, we are crafting a workplace culture where well-being is a shared goal.

Employee Resource Groups

Truebeck believes in fostering a workplace where everyone feels a sense of inclusion and belonging. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) engage and connect our team members across a variety of interests, identities, professions, and life experiences––creating a place of community and common ground amongst your peers.