One team.
One goal.
Home safe.

Health and safety training is a cornerstone of Truebeck’s culture, starting with our Target Zero safety program and ending with everyone returning home safe, every day. This is the most important work we do.

Incidents are preventable. Through proactive safety measures, comprehensive training, and collaborative safety preplanning we meet the objective of our Target Zero safety programs which returns everyone home safe, every day. This is the most important work we do.


Voluntary Protection Program Status

1 of 9 GCs in California 1 of 3 GCs in Bay Area

Construction Employers Association President’s Award of Excellence

for 16 years straight

CEA Excellence in Safety Training and Safety Performance Award winner

for 9 years running

Voluntary Protection Program

Truebeck is proud to achieve the Cal/OSHA Voluntary Protection Program for our projects year after year. VPP encourages firms to implement safety standards beyond regulatory requirements, leading to reduced workplace incidents and improved team member well-being. By electing to participate, we undergo comprehensive evaluations of our safety programs and practices, fostering continuous improvement and setting the highest standard for safety performance. Truebeck is 1 of only 9 construction companies with this achievement.

Truebeck STOP Program

STOP simply stands for Safety Training On the Project. Our STOP walk initiative gets project team members away from their desks and into the field to perform routine and collaborative safety walks. Facilitated by our Superintendent(s) and Safety Team, project team members examine and discuss the integration of safety regulations and best practices into each project we build. STOP walks help us foster operational safety engagement and re-enforce our commitment of safety as a shared responsibility.

Cutting-Edge Protective Gear

Truebeck has studied how to best optimize head protection for our craft team members. After piloting KASK helmets on several projects and seeing positive results in the industry, Truebeck became one of the first mid-sized General Contractors to integrate climbing helmets for all of our team members in the field. We believe this investment offers the best protection and maximizes the well-being of our employees.

Clean, Safe Site

Truebeck adopts best practices that are tested in the field to elevate housekeeping conditions and increase productivity on our job sites. We’ve made it our mission to ensure our projects are clean, organized, and efficient—from groundbreaking to client occupancy. We’re taking housekeeping and logistics to new heights by optimizing material usage on carts and implementing strategic debris management practices.

Safety Week & Beyond

Truebeck has participated in Construction Safety Week for a decade. Our commitment to elevating safety awareness, together with trade partners, vendors, suppliers and clients grows each year. While safety is always top of mind, we fully engage this one important week each year to reset, empower, and strengthen our motto of: “One Goal. One Team. Home Safe.”

Mental Health in Construction

Truebeck is committed to supporting our team’s mental health and wellbeing, in the office and on the job site. Together with our long-standing partner, the Movember Foundation, we raise awareness of men’s health issues, and we develop educational resources and trainings for our team and trade partners. We also offer free counseling to all staff members through Better Help. Truebeck leaders participate in Construction Suicide Prevention Partnership meetings, with the purpose of harnessing more knowledge on this important topic and to help prevent losses to suicide and improve mental health in our industry.

Safety Data Analytics

When it comes to reporting and tracking key safety performance indicators, we don’t do what’s easy—we do what is right! Our program, Safety Stratus, allows for prompt communication of events with emphasis in near misses across operations and recognized hazards go directly to the responsible contractor for corrective action. We believe that transparency, pre-planning and ongoing collaboration around health and safety heightens awareness that benefits Truebeck, our clients and the construction industry.