How to Interview at Truebeck


Interviews can be nerve-wracking. We understand, we’ve been in your shoes before. But before we dive in, take a moment to realize that you made it past the first hurdle! Just applying to join our team is a great first step. Accept this virtual high-five from us!

Now, the next step is the interview process, and we’re here to provide some help. We’re looking for a good fit, but that doesn’t mean we have to be the same, in fact one of our company mottos is “Uniquely you, authentically us.”

Uniquely You

Let’s break down that motto into two parts and start with the phrase “uniquely you.” Now, the first word chosen is unique and that’s on purpose. You are a unique individual with experiences, passions and interests that are inherent only to you.

Now the second word is you, and that’s because during the interview process, you have the spotlight. We can’t wait to meet and learn more about you. So, our first piece of advice is, be yourself!

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Our company is passionate about making a positive social impact on the world. Our hometown of San Francisco is a special place that brings together people from all over the world. To be a fully engaged member of the community, we embrace and celebrate diversity.

At Truebeck, we want the people inside our offices to represent the people in our beautifully diverse communities outside our offices. This means differences in age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, ethnicity, marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, sexual orientation and other characteristics that make each of us unique. Such diversity will inspire new perspectives, new methods of discovery, and new solutions.

One of the values we hold dear – business and life are all about people – puts humans at the center of everything. Our team is diverse, and we’re motivated to bring even more unique individuals to grow our diverse family.

Previous Successes

We’re looking for candidates who have been innovative in their approach to construction or those who worked on a complex project and overcame steep challenges. Were there high stakes circumstances you navigated? Take a closer look at your past experiences and pull out some of the stories that showcase your unique skill set and talent. Tell us all about it. If you’re applying for one of our general administration positions, talk about your successes there too! Discuss your unique skills and share stories about how you used them in an innovative way.

Passions and Interests

At Truebeck, we are always making plans to get out as a team and have fun. Are you a fan of sports? Well, we have our annual Stanford football game tailgate and many sports leagues. Are there any causes or charities that you are passionate about? We’re always on the lookout for ways our Team for Tomorrow can give back to the community. Do you enjoy reading? We have a Book Club! Is mentoring important to you? We’re a partner to local high schools and provide many opportunities to mentor young people. Do you have musical talent? Join the Truebeck band!

Authentically Us

Just like the first part of the phrase, we intentionally chose the word “authentic” to represent our team. Our passion for construction and our company values is evident in everything we do.

As a candidate for hire, there are probably a lot of questions you’ll have for us. After all, you’ll want to make sure we’re a great fit for you too. We highly recommend researching us – check out our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and ask your friends in the industry about Truebeck’s reputation.

The Truebeck Culture

Quite simply our culture is built by living our values. We’ve broken down our values into bite-sized phrases like, “Business and life are all about people,” and “We win as a team and high-five a lot.” But they’re not just phrases, you’ll hear our team members saying them and living them.

Get to know us, our messaging, what we stand for, our goals and vision, and what we’ve accomplished. Once you get a feel for our culture, you’ll see what values you align with and how you can be a strong candidate to join Truebeck.

Our Clients and Markets

Speaking of values, one of them is “If it’s not the best, it simply won’t do.” At Truebeck, we’re immensely proud of our work. We do more than just build; we craft spaces and buildings that shape the world. Our clients are busy making medicine to cure diseases and developing new technology to enhance lives. We are busy making sure they have the most modern and cutting-edge spaces to make it happen.

Take a moment to scroll through our work and see the projects we’ve completed. Look at your own history and see if we have any shared ground. Have you done work for tech companies? Have you worked on any bioscience facilities? Let us know during the interview how you worked on these projects so we can see how your talents will help our clients meet their goals.

Our Leadership Team

One of the best parts of Truebeck is just how involved the leadership team is with everyone in the company. Whether that be an open-door policy, a high-five in the hallway, or working on fun projects like creating a hilarious video for the next company event. In short, expect to see our leadership team frequently and have some laughs with them.

Take the time to review their personal bios and get to know them prior to your interview. Our leadership team will be your advocates and mentors as you grow in your career. Taking the time to get to know them will be not only advantageous in your interview but also for years to come if you join the team.

Now, Take a Deep Breath

Our final piece of advice is to take a deep breath. If you’ve done the legwork to learn about us and are prepared to share about yourself, then we guarantee you’re going to do great. We as a team are excited to take the time to get to know you! We wish you the best of luck and if you still haven’t taken the first step to join our team then apply now to join our work family.

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