Truebeck Wins Two CEA Safety Awards


The Construction Employers’ Association has honored Truebeck with not one, but two awards: the President’s Safety Award and the Safety Excellence Award.

The President’s Safety Award honors CEA member firms with safety programs that go above and beyond industry standards. To qualify for this esteemed award, members must achieve a score of 4 out of 5. Thanks to Truebeck’s stellar safety initiatives, we scored 5 out of 5 points. According to the CEA:

Recipients of the award reported a total incident rate at least 50% below the industry average; a lost workday incident rate at least 50% below the industry average; and an experience modification rate of less than or equal to .70. They were also recognized as a Cal/OSHA Voluntary Protection Program participant (VPP), or otherwise demonstrated a comprehensive safety training program.

The Safety Excellence Award similarly honors an outstanding commitment to safety. The CEA requires winners to have achieved both a total incident rate and a lost workday incident rate 25% below the industry average, an experience modification rate below 1.0, a flat or negative experience modification trend over the past four years, and demonstration of an active safety training program.

These awards reflect Truebeck’s unwavering dedication to safety.

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