Truebeck in Seattle for SCUP Higher Education Conference


This week Truebeck Construction participated in the annual Society for College and University Planning Pacific Regional Conference in Seattle. Senior Project Executive John Assunto and Senior Project Manager Grant Ricks attended the conference held at the University of Washington.

The conference presented the most relevant trends impacting higher education. It attracted the participation of thought leaders from academic institutions, planning and design professions throughout the Pacific region, including areas as diverse as Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Australia, British Columbia, Mexico and the American West.

The focus was on how institutions are responding to the profound change that surrounds them. For institutional leaders, this convergence of complex societal and environmental shifts across local, regional and global communities is fertile ground for GAME CHANGERS: opportunities to take stock, reflect, and develop creative responses that transcend typical boundaries, forge new partnerships and result in public benefit while inspiring private sector investment in a better future.

Attendees explored innovative and integrated planning models that embrace new methods of learning and working, advancements in data and technology, transformative business practices, and creative partnerships that advance the academic mission.

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