Truebeck Project Marin Country Day School Certified LEED Platinum


Truebeck Construction, an industry-leading commercial general contractor, announces that our Marin Country Day School renovation in Corte Madera, California became LEED Platinum certified. This is the highest level of certification in sustainability from the world’s most widely used green building rating system, and it is rarely achieved.

Conducted by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the LEED certification program sets standards that promote sustainable building practices with the goal of green building for everyone. The ranking is done on a point system with the following levels: certified, silver, gold, and platinum. Of the 111,215 LEED projects listed, only 6,633—just under six percent—have achieved LEED Platinum status.

At the start of the project, the Marin Country Day School administrators wanted to renovate and expand the private school’s campus to reflect the school’s vision to equip students with “the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to lead effective and fulfilling lives as engaged global citizens in a complex and multicultural and interdependent world.” Paramount in this vision is the commitment Marin Country Day School has to sustainable practices.

The project included the demolition of an outdated single-story classroom and science building to pave the way for a modern 8,500sf two-story classroom and science building. Truebeck also remodeled existing classrooms and faculty lounge areas, renovated two existing playing fields with a new drainage system, and restored an existing seasonal creek.

The process for review was broken down into seven categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority credits. In each of these areas, the Marin Country Day School project received the highest mark available and was awarded the requisite points in subcategories to reach LEED Platinum.

This project comes after years of paradigm shifts in the construction industry. Now more than ever, developers and owners are seeking project teams that are environmentally conscious and can deliver projects that push the limits on sustainability. In 2006, the USGBC only had 296 LEED certified projects, and as of 2018, there were 67,200. This massive growth shows a stark change in the industry and Truebeck Construction is leading the way in sustainable construction practices with projects such as the Marin Country Day School renovation and expansion.

Marin Country Day School is a private K-8 charter school in the San Francisco Bay Area. With 35 acres and 40 classrooms, the school promotes a progressive approach to teaching and learning in an environment that allows children to connect to nature. Now with the completion of their new LEED Platinum classroom and science building, Marin Country Day School can further enhance their top-tier education and unique approach to academic learning.

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