Truebeck Hosts Design Meet-Up in SF


On March 27, Truebeck hosted a special event that was focused on the development of Pier 70 in San Francisco. It was held in partnership with The Registry, the top real estate media company in the Bay Area, Forge, and One Workplace.We had the unique opportunity to hold the event at one of our recently completed interior construction projects in the heart of Pier 70.

Nearly 100 attendees from the AEC community heard from the leading developers – Orton Development and Forest City – at the historic shipyard neighborhood. Our client, James Madsen from Orton Development was on the panel and gave insight into the planning process at the storied and historic site. Pier 70’s history dates back to the Gold Rush when the first steel ships were built on the Pacific. As one of the largest repair yards in the West, there are now more than 60 bay front acres seeking the right mix of preservation and development with industrial structures waiting for new uses.

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