Truebeck Construction Recruits at Sacramento State University


As Truebeck continues to grow in the Sacramento region, it’s important to find local talent to join our team. To find the best and brightest in Sacramento, Truebeck’s team recently visited Sacramento State University and attended a career fair to recruit students studying in the civil engineering and construction management fields.

Jessica Mills, Project Executive, is one of Truebeck’s Sacramento leaders and she personally joined the recruiting team to meet interested students. For students, Truebeck offers numerous entry-level positions as well as internships to help gain experience and exposure to a career in construction.

“Not only was is fun to see the students, it was great see all the companies attend this event,” said Haniteli Lousi, Recruiting Specialist. “It shows how the Sacramento area is growing and I’m excited to see some of those students help Truebeck in the future.”

Truebeck visits Sacramento State University annually to recruit local Sacramento talent. You can learn more about Sacramento career opportunities here.

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