Truebeck Awarded New San Mateo County Government Center


San Mateo County awarded Truebeck Construction the new county government center and parking structure located in Redwood City. Near the Hall of Justice, the new county office building will be approximately 156,000sf and occupied by over 600 employees. Truebeck is providing preconstruction and construction services to the County.

With goals to reduce the amount of space the county is leasing, create more energy efficient and seismically sound facilities and provide upgraded facilities for employees in cramped quarters, county officials are looking to the projects to reallocate county resources and better meet the needs of its community, said Assistant County Manager Mike Callagy.

Dubbed the County Office Building 3, or COB3, the project is expected to accommodate Health System employees and staff at the County Counsel’s Office, Human Resources Department and County Manager’s Office, among other offices currently located at the Hall of Justice. A new 800- to 1,200-space parking garage built on top of the current surface jury parking lot is expected to provide parking for the new building.

In an effort to create a civic hub at the site, Studio Gang architects employed an open design, including easily accessible board chambers that can be used for other events, topographic changes throughout the site and a scalloped roof design allowing sunlight to reach pedestrian paths.

The project will also include the design and construction of a new Public Promenade and Plaza, which connects the new county office building with existing campus facilities. This pedestrian-oriented site amenity is a great addition and will close off vehicle traffic to create open space for public events, gatherings, and functions, knitting the new development to the existing campus buildings.

Also included in the plans for the new building is the relocation of the Lathrop House to a lot adjacent to the back of the history museum.

“We can surely have a world-class building that reflects technology, that reflects innovation, that reflects transparency in government,” said San Mateo Co. Supervisor David Canepa.

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