The Evolution of Safety
Our industry has seen safety regulations change exponentially over the past few decades, but safety excellence is less about compliance and more about culture.

Truebeck Construction stays at the forefront of best practices by focusing on eight key safety concepts.

Every project is different, and can present a unique set of hazards and health concerns. At a site in Oakland, our safety team conducted a pre-mobilization job audit that covered 413,000 square feet of a company’s future digs. Constructed in 1927, the worn building was a safety hazard.

The Truebeck project team shared the job site with another General Contractor, who had been on the site first and for much longer; with that in mind, the Truebeck team noticed that the safety elements of the job site were not aligned with Truebeck standards. Responding quickly, the project team reached out to the safety team for an all-hands-on-deck effort.

After familiarization with the site itself, logistics, and safety concerns, the Truebeck safety team discovered over 270 at-risk conditions while utilizing the Predictive Solutions system – safety software that prevents workplace injuries.

Truebeck’s ability to provide important data and comprehensive reporting ensures that the Owner provides a safe workplace for Truebeck employees and subcontractors before arriving on site. Having the ability to effectively document the hazards and corrective actions ultimately keeps all parties accountable in following up on action items.

This effort was a very valuable experience for the project team, serving as an example of Truebeck’s comprehensive Health & Safety program of policies and safe practices. Our safety program is a key element of our quality workmanship and we continually work to maintain a position as an industry leader in Health & Safety.

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