She Inspires Me!


As we recognize Women in Construction Week, we celebrate International Women’s Day! We took a moment to ask: Who is your HERo? And how can women continue to make a positive impact in the community?

"My HERo is my mother. She is my number one cheerleader and the most selfless person I know. My mother accepts me for who I am and she is the very reason why I believe strong women do exist. She also makes the most bomb Filipino food, so that's a plus! Shouts out to you, mom!"

"I feel creating a balance for better in the construction industry starts with exposing more young girls to the construction industry. Construction was not something I had considered until my third year of college because it was not something I had ever been exposed to or known was an option. STEM programs taught me that I could be the engineer who designed things, but learning I could be part of the boots on the ground operation that was involved in taking those designs from paper to real life defined my career path. Once more girls know about the opportunities in the construction industry, working at a company like Truebeck with so many strong, successful women role models and mentors is important to exemplify how a woman can thrive in construction and help us create a balance for better."

"Bringing diversity and a different perspective to the industry will continue to make a positive impact on construction and our community."

"We can help create a balance for better in every industry by not perpetuating the idea of stereotypical gender-defined roles, i.e. construction is for men, fashion is for women. We need to implement measures, programs, and strategies to compensate for the social and historical disadvantages women face. Hiring and recruitment practices should ensure women have leadership roles and a seat at decision-making tables."

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