Sonoma State

Stevenson Hall

Rohnert Park, CA

Utilizing a design-build delivery method designed to increase collaboration, this complete renovation of the existing three-story 1967 Stevenson Hall building—the campus’ largest academic building and the first building on the Campus Master Plan—included full systems replacement and exterior building and site improvements. The renovation to Stevenson Hall accommodates classrooms, offices, conference rooms, common areas and services and utility spaces/rooms. Sustainability was a critical component to this project, with improving environmental quality and reducing resource utilization (energy and water) a primary focus that led towards LEED Gold certification.

Core project objectives aimed to improve campus educational spaces to better meet the needs of the associated disciplines to improve utilization and learning outcomes, increase building spatial efficiency, and support planned academic growth.

  • Architect
  • EHDD
  • Total Square Footage
  • 140,000

By replacing the concrete walls of the existing three-story 1967 building with a transparent exterior that allows natural light to fill the space, the building interior—for the first time in over 55 years—is lighter and brighter during the day and creates a vibrant atmosphere visible from the surrounding campus at night.

Let there be light

The central atrium, enclosed with a glass roof, serves as the heart of the building. Each floor opens up to this light-filled space, which is surrounded by collaborative and informal meeting areas.

Warm and textured materials create a modern and elegant environment that aligns with 21st-century teaching and learning.


Stevenson Hall prioritized sustainability and stewardship with enhanced energy efficiency, air quality, and daylighting, resulting in LEED Gold certification.