Cupertino Data Center

Cupertino, CA

Located within a 25,000sf basement level containing supportive space, the 9,600sf Phase 2 Data Center was designed to Tier 2, N+1 redundancy, with a 3MW IT load servicing 250 racks. Additionally, the 2,200sf exterior satellite central plant/energy yard supports the data center.
The data center includes a pre-action fire sprinkler system throughout and mechanical components consisting of 18 CRAH units, cold isle design configuration with return/exhaust air chimney construction connected to the ceiling return air plenum ducted to the CRAH units, and a dedicated chilled water system with two 680-ton chillers, two cooling towers, and one plate& frame heat exchanger with humidification included.

The electrical scope includes 12kV primary service distribution switchboards with 480-277 transformed distribution, two 1500kW generators and support for mobile generator and load bank (4×2, 500 Amp breakers), 24-hour fuel capacity, UPS consisting of two 1.1MW units with 7-minute battery life, and eight PDUs serving Starline overhead busway serving racks.

  • Total Square Footage
  • 9,600
  • Architect
  • Foster + Partners and HGA