Bayer Innovation Center

San Francisco, CA

Bayer’s Innovation Center occupies floors 1 3 and 4 of Building 3 at the 455 Mission Bay Boulevard South Block 26 project that BNB recently completed. The new 60,000sf design-build project includes wet and dry labs research space a vivarium and common areas including an employee break room and conference areas.

The new vivarium occupies 5,000sf on the first floor of Building 3 and will house a gown-in room anti-room fume hoods lab benches and a cold room. The wipe-down facility includes both BSL1 and BSL2 labs adjacent to the vivarium.

Although the project is not LEED Certified it was constructed with LEED compliant features such as low-flow water fixtures, a partial green roof and over 75% jobsite recycling.


  • Total Square Footage
  • 60,000
  • Architect
  • Flad Architects