Pete Caputo Moderates Panel at Bisnow’s “Greater Sacramento Deep Dive” Event


In recent reports, economists are stating that Sacramento is the top growing region across the entire California market. With a population growth rate greater than markets like San Diego and San Francisco, and a business relocation and expansion increase of 19%, Sacramento is becoming a booming industry for commercial developers.

In the recent event, “Greater Sacramento Deep Dive,” hosted by Bisnow, there were numerous panels that discussed key topics like major developments in the Greater Sacramento pipeline, new technologies and amenities for tenants and residents, and the rising need for housing.

Pete Caputo, Vice President of Operations, at Truebeck has decades of experience working on projects in the Sacramento region. Based on his knowledge and history with the Sacramento area, Pete moderated the panel “Greater Sacramento’s Current Development Pipeline.” Joining Pete on the panel were representatives from major developers and architectural firms in Sacramento.

Truebeck Construction recently opened an office in Sacramento at the start of 2022, and is bringing its innovative approach to construction to developments in the area. Truebeck was honored to be a part of this event and sit next to industry leaders in discussing developments that will have a positive impact on the Greater Sacramento Region.

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