Patient Safety Paramount in Renovation of John Muir Behavioral Health Facility


Truebeck, an innovative leader in the construction industry, completed the final phase of the John Muir Behavioral Health Center renovation in Concord, California.

Broken down into three phases, the behavioral health center was renovated to refresh the interiors and bring the entire facility up to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) code. The first phase focused primarily on the adolescent unit; the second phase was on the Child and Chemical Dependency Units; the third phase was the administrative office area and first floor accessibility upgrades. The entire renovation encompassed 20,000 square feet and with the completion of phase three, every division of the facility will be operational and compliant with OSHPD regulation.

In order to make the entire building compliant with state and federal regulation, the project team removed old installation to make way for new anti-ligature compliant amenities. These included custom doors, faucets, handrails, and even floor drainage that prevent the attachment of any cordage that could be used to commit self-harm. In the case of this particular tenant improvement, exceptional care was placed on the design around these features and construction teams needed to build everything exactly as planned. With actual lives at risk, the design and project team were thorough and exact on their planning and delivery of the renovation.

When it came to this project, intricate logistics and communication processes were required. Since many of the different wings of the center remained operational during the different phases, Truebeck’s team of technical builders worked closely with behavioral health center staff to ensure the successful completion of the project. Such interactions included noise mitigation plans, working outside of normal hours to accommodate staff, implementing containment booths, and completing infectious control risk assessments and disruption notices.

“The staff know the unit, the patients, and the risks, and we know the construction risk for worker safety. We had to adapt and work with the John Muir Health team to ensure the best outcome for both project delivery and patient care,” said the Assistant Superintendent on the project.

With the successful completion of this project, John Muir Health’s staff stands ready to provide the best in care and safety for their patients. It is Truebeck’s hope that this newly renovated behavioral health center will assist in the successful recovery of some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

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