Over 150 Backpacks Donated by Truebeck’s Team for Tomorrow


Truebeck Construction’s volunteer program Team for Tomorrow once more partnered up with Family Giving Tree to donate over 150 backpacks with school supplies to local students. The event itself took place at Truebeck’s headquarters and had a large turnout of employees wanting to make an impact in their local community.

With school starting, there are children all across the Bay Area who are excited to start another school year but lack the resources to make the most out of their education.  With some communities in the Bay Area suffering with an over 20 percent poverty rate, there are thousands of children in need of assistance.

Tackling this issue is no small task, but Truebeck’s employees are familiar with tackling large challenges. At the event, team members made an assembly line, picking up colorful backpacks, then stuffing in notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, glue, erasers, paper, and calculators.

Truebeck’s Team for Tomorrow is comprised of volunteers who seek to make a positive impact in their communities outside of the office and jobsite.  Sponsored by Truebeck Construction, members of Team for Tomorrow donate their time and money to charitable organizations across the Bay Area.

Family Giving Tree is a non-profit with over 25 years of service. At the moment, they are the largest holiday gift and backpack donation program in California with over 1.6 million children and individuals as the recipients of their volunteerism.

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