On Saturday, Truebeck (formerly BNB) and our team partners Taylor Design and Interface Engineering participated in the 31st Annual Leap Sandcastle Contest at Ocean Beach. Our team – Sandy with a Chance of Meatballs – built a food-themed sandcastle with over 40 kids from Lafayette School in San Francisco. Through the hands-on competition, we taught the kids how to design, engineer and build a spectacular sandcastle.

A huge thank you to all who volunteered. You made the event a total success. Our sandcastle looked amazing! We hope you and your families had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience.

With all of your help, our team made a lasting impression on the kids and their parents, who were beyond thankful for the special day. Additionally, we raised $5,000 for Leap to continue arts education in public schools throughout San Francisco. Congrats to all of you for making a difference!

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