On Thursday, May 19th, 9-year-old Chelsea from Taft Community School learned why tobacco is not a healthy choice, that yoga is actually lots of fun, and what vegetables fresh from a local farmer’s market look like. Chelsea is one of more than 1,000 Redwood City School District fourth graders who attended the 16th annual Make Time for Fitness field trip at Red Morton Park in Redwood City. The event, a partnership between Dignity Health, Sequoia Hospital, the Redwood City School District Wellness Committee, San Mateo Health System, San Mateo County Tobacco Education Coalition, and several other community organizations, aims to educate children on healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Truebeck’s Team for Tomorrow volunteers were there to support this important health initiative, as well as partner with our client Dignity Health on a local cause right in our backyard. The interactive program featured a wildly fun kids concert and five activity stations:
  •  Drink Water First, teaching students to drink water rather than sweet beverages when they are thirsty.
  •  Friendship Fitness, with games focused on teamwork and cooperation.
  •  Fit Fun Yoga, demonstrating that movement and breathing is good for health and well-being.
  •  Farmers Market, with information on fruits and vegetables available locally.
  •  Tobacco-Free Me, highlighting some of the 4,000 chemicals found in tobacco products.
More than 300 teachers, parents, and representatives from community-based organizations volunteered at the event. A big thank you to our volunteers for participating in the education of our youth to improve health. Check out all the fun they had!

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