Finding Opportunities to Serve in Portland


The grey clouds rolled overhead as five men stepped out of their vehicles. Before them was a small home with cobblestone steps leading up to the front door. They stepped up the stairs, a feat quite simple for construction professionals who climb flights of stairs daily to work on large-scale projects. A feat not so easy for a nearly 90-year-old Navy veteran.

In moments, this team of construction professionals got to work constructing a ramp that would provide a safe transition from the door to the driveway. As if they were on a job site, the team quickly defined roles and coordinated an efficient process. After constructing projects that are over 10,000sf, they finished the small ramp before noon. They even had time to crawl under the house to check if there were any moisture or piping issues.

Truebeck’s team partnered with Rebuilding Together, a non-profit organization that assists low-income homeowners with needed home repairs at no cost. The goal: to find families in the local community that could use the expertise of a few construction professionals. “Initially, we were planning on doing a bunch of work inside the house, but then COVID hit,” shared Blake LaRue, Project Manager. “We stayed in contact with Rebuilding Together to see if there was anything we could do.”

Given the circumstances, Truebeck’s team couldn’t go inside because of the homeowners being high-risk. Despite that setback, the team was determined to find a way to help.

“This particular family, the gentleman is a Navy veteran, and the gal is getting older and both were starting to have mobility issues,” continued LaRue. “Even though we couldn’t go inside, there was plenty of work we could do outside of the house. That’s when we got the idea to put up handrails on all their stairs and build a ramp.”

With materials donated from both Truebeck and Rebuilding Together, two ramps with handrails were installed to allow ease of access for the homeowners.

Speaking of the work Truebeck’s team performed, the homeowner, CJ Hooker, shared, “I found the crew incredibly professional and helpful. They installed a ramp and safety features around our home promptly, and with much knowledge. They were also a fun group of people to interact with and respectful of my wishes.”

Truebeck’s team is honored to serve a veteran and help uplift the community. “It always feels good to give back and help out, especially when you hear it’s a veteran and with how times are now,” shared David Holmstrom, Superintendent. “It was a good opportunity to do it. When it’s the work we’re doing its usually construction and carpentry. I have a good skill set in that kind of work and if I have that skill I might as well put it to use for that kind of opportunity.”

Truebeck’s Team for Tomorrow is comprised of team members who want to give back to the community and make a positive social change. Even now, the Truebeck team in Portland is partnering with local organizations and looking for opportunities to serve the community.

"For me it’s just about the commitment, and knowing once you do it, you’re going to feel really good about it."

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