On Thursday morning, The Registry held an industry event in Oakland, focusing on how the East Bay is growing and changing. Truebeck Construction sponsored the event, and Dan Amigone moderated the developer panel, which included:

  • Phill Tagami, CEO, California Commercial and Investment Group
  • Geoffrey Sears, Partner, Wareham Development
  • Paul Nieto, EVP, Signature Development
  • Alan Dones, CEO, Strategic Urban Development Alliance

The panelists focused on economic and physical development in the East Bay. Their discussion centered on the current challenges facing developers – from working with cities to the lack of housing to desperately needed transportation improvements – and how East Bay cities need to unite as a region, rather than act individually. Working together will bolster the entire region’s growth.

One thing is certain, the East Bay is on the path to change. More housing, more transportation, more office development, and more local community workforce are needed not just in this cycle, but for the long term.

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