On Tuesday, February 7 our safety team attended the annual CEA Safety Recognition Luncheon in Pleasant Hill. The event was attended by safety professionals and executives that represent a majority of the notable General Contractors in Northern California.

Truebeck was officially awarded the CEA Excellence in Safety award. This award was given in addition to the more prestigious “President’s Safety Award” that Truebeck accepted last month. In order to qualify for the Excellence in Safety Award, firms are required to meet the following requirements:

  • Total Incident Rate 25% below the industry average
  • Lost Workday Incident Rate 25% below the industry average
  • Experience Modification Rate < 1.0
  • A flat or negative experience modification trend
  • An active safety training program

Congratulations to our safety team and to Truebeck!



Learn a little more about our Safety Program and Goals in the new “Target Zero” video below:

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