Cal/OSHA Awards Truebeck Project VPP-C Status


Truebeck Construction has an award-winning safety program resulting from high standards of workplace safety and health management. The Division of Occupational Safety and Health partnered with Truebeck and recognized the firm with a rare and notable designation, the Voluntary Protection Program – Construction (VPP-C).

VPP-C companies are considered to be workplace safety and health leaders within their industry. An exempted California worksite under the control of a VPP-C company is recognized as a worksite expected to have a significantly lower risk for serious accidents than other company’s worksites within the same industry. By exempting these job sites which meet the high safety standards of Cal OSHA, Cal OSHA is able to focus its programmed inspection efforts on other worksites.

Truebeck is one of five general contractors in the state of California with VPP-C status and currently has 30% of all VPP-C projects. Most recently, Truebeck’s ground-up science research campus in San Carlos, California – including two six-story buildings totaling 551,000sf and a five-story parking structure – achieved VPP-C in Q1 2020. This designation comes after reoccurring submittals proving Truebeck’s safety plans are followed, interviews of personnel by Cal OSHA officers, safety site walks, and influencing trade partners to maintain Truebeck’s high safety standards.

Job sites that commit to achieving VPP-C see far lower rates—52 percent below the industry average—of days lost due to injury or illness per Cal OSHA statistics. This makes Truebeck’s VPP-C projects not only a safe working environment but also a highly efficient one.

To date, Truebeck has had four of its projects VPP-C designated.

The Uber Mission Bay project in San Francisco, California is a 450,000sf ground-up project that will be the new global headquarters for the transportation tech company. It achieved VPP-C status in Q3 of 2018 and is currently an active VPP-C job site.

Truebeck’s last of the three active VPP-C job sites is the Facebook MPK-22 project. This 457,000sf ground-up project in Menlo Park will expand the tech-giant’s corporate campus and it achieved VPP-C status in Q4 2019.

The first project Truebeck ever received a VPP-C designation for was on a development for a high-tech client that encompassed multiple projects, totaling over one million sf of ground-up construction and 176 acres of site work. This project received it’s VPP-C status in Q1 2017 and was completed in 2018.

Truebeck’s commitment to safety is embodied in its nationally awarded Target Zero program. This program raises the bar on safety standards and provides a paradigm shift in the industry’s approach to safety. Because of this program, Truebeck’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is 0.53–a rate far superior to the industry average.

“The level of commitment and dedication toward achieving this recognition is quite an undertaking by project team members and select trade partners,” shared Truebeck Safety Director Jennifer Wycisk. “Thank you to our project teams for your hard work and for demonstrating our value for safety.”

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