Better Builders Through Construction Technology and Innovation

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As a pioneer in the construction industry, Truebeck Construction is rebranding its Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team to Construction Technology and Innovation (CTI).

Our CTI team does so much more than Building Information Modeling (BIM). While BIM is a powerful technology, our team constantly discovers innovative ways to deliver projects in the virtual and physical worlds.

A challenge in the construction industry is sorting out which new technologies will actually benefit the industry. As it stands, new tech is always in development but not all of that new tech delivers real value. Our CTI team sifts through various tech to determine what is effective.

Our CTI team educates and leads our entire company in implementing tech that holistically benefits and elevates every department, not just our select team.

The rebranding from VDC to CTI better reflects Truebeck’s approach to disrupting the ordinary and developing a legacy of building smart and excellent.