Adding Value with Drones


"Uber HQ, your drone is arriving now. And it’s being flown by Truebeck Construction, an innovative, fast-growing general contractor based in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Recently, 3D Robotics visited our Uber HQ project site in Mission Bay, San Francisco, and took drones to the sky with our in-house Construction, Technology & Innovation (CTI) team. Truebeck’s CTI team prides themselves on their use of cutting-edge technology that adds value.

The 450,000 square foot headquarters, scheduled to open in 2020, consists of two buildings—one 12 stories and the other seven stories—and sits right beside the new Golden State Warriors stadium.

“The Truebeck CTI team is increasingly looking to use drone data on a number of active projects across the Bay Area. 95% of how we use drone data is for site planning, logistics planning, and as-built surveying. We have a new logistics plan almost every day, and we want to be able to overlay these plans onto high-res, up-to-date drone maps.” – Justin Porter, Senior CTI Manager

You can read the full article here.

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