Vice President

Mike Jackson

My first real job was at 16 years old working at a children’s coat manufacturer in San Francisco. My father delivered their freight, and so when the shop needed help, I helped.

The Bay Area is home. I grew up here, and went to college here. I have really never left. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the SoMa and Mission Bay warehouses with my Dad. The landmarks are still the same, but everything in between is different.

Pride, honor, respect, and effort – each of these can propel you to success or cause your downfall. Used together correctly they can generate very powerful results.

Leadership is more than being the smartest guy in the room or the guy with the most experience. A leader moves people to do their best work and unifies everyone under a great principal and goal.

It is amazing what can be accomplished when you unify a complete project team. So much energy can go into arguing and defending yourself, but if you eliminate that and build trust, everything is enhanced on the project. A successful result is more important than proving that you were right.

The leadership of this company operates with trust in our team members. Each person feels obligated to work hard for each other and take care of our responsibilities. It’s our commitment and winning spirit that make us unique.

There are hundreds of solutions and approaches in construction projects. Using your knowledge and experience to organize the right solutions, in the right order is really enjoyable, especially early on in a project when that input is critical. The art of building is the most exciting thing about our industry.

When I was a student at St. Ignatius and Santa Clara University, I watched other kids get good grades with less effort. The only way I thought I could get ahead was to work harder.

Once you’re setting the pace, you need to motivate others to keep the pace. I love meeting hard working kids out of school, which excites me and motivates me to arm them with the tools they need to set the pace later in their careers.

Never assume you have learned everything, always be looking ahead to the next thing to learn. Ask questions. We have a pay-it-forward approach to learning – someone taught us, so we have a personal obligation to teach you. This company is full of experts who still find opportunity to learn new technologies, installation techniques, or management styles. Learning never stops here.

I was a redshirt freshman on the football team at Santa Clara University. My team brought together diverse backgrounds and personalities; we had to be self-regulated, and everyone made it work. It was a brotherhood and I loved it.

I coached high school football and track and field for three years in college. It was the first time that I could not be a leader by example; I had to instruct others from the sidelines. I had to find a way to communicate and motivate that is totally different.

Our biggest opportunity is to grow the careers of the young folks in this company, allowing us to expand our brand and philosophy organically. We have hired a lot of fantastic young people. I am constantly amazed by the preloaded skills and work ethic of our people.

Tools and vehicles are big interests of mine. Growing up, my father had a fleet of trucks and each truck had a purpose. If you have a task, you need the right tool to do it.

I try to make everyone laugh as much as humanly possible. We work in very stressful circumstances, but work has to be fun. If you’re not having fun, you have the wrong job. Make every day enjoyable, go out of your way to lift up your coworker’s spirit.

The thing I cherish most about my job is seeing the growth from the inception. I was employee #3 when things were a lot different.

The best part of my day is when I walk in the front door of my house, smell whatever fantastic meal my wife is cooking, and then sit down to dinner with my family.

On Saturday I’m watching my two daughters play soccer, softball, or volleyball. I love what sports is teaching them – discipline, teamwork, and effort.

I hope that I have inspired people to be great builders, good parents, and always be generous to those who have earned it.