Chief Financial Officer

Kathy Reiner

The road to my profession was full of roundabouts and forks in the roads. I started in engineering, switched to psychology, almost became a math teacher, and finally decided on a degree in business.

Business planning and service are two of the most important things to me in business.

Growing up, sports united my family. It was one of the things we did together, and is still part of the fabric of my family.

You are only as good as your weakest link. Train and coach all levels of your team and organization.

I love the feeling of being at the start of something big. You can see it coming, and you get to take care of the things that no one sees.

In my past life, I was CFO of several casino resorts – there’s nothing like opening night in the casino business. After all the planning and work to get the place financed and built, the days spent testing the equipment, the millions of dollars of cash counted, the teams of hundreds trained…it’s the busiest and most exciting time of all. On multiple occasions, I worked 36 hours straight and absolutely loved it.

My grandmother taught me this: Nobody said life was fair. Early on I learned what you can control and what you can’t control. It goes for life, business and leadership – don’t dwell on the past, take responsibility, learn the lesson, and get moving to the next challenge.

Truebeck has a culture of wanting to help people. Whether it’s servicing clients or our own people, good service is good business.

Volunteerism and Service are passions of mine. I consider myself fortunate in circumstance and community service provides an opportunity to pay it forward. Being an active member of Truebeck’s Team for Tomorrow helps fulfill that passion.

A characteristic I value above all others is kindness. It exemplifies one who is generous with time and considerate of others. Being kind allows healthy discourse, solid relationships, effective communication and pay-it-forward actions.

More listening and less talking builds better relationships. A good leader listens to her team, a great leader hears feedback from her team, and takes initiative to make things better. She leads by example, motivates with enthusiasm and integrates her vision with the team, thereby elevating performance of the whole.

I have wanted to build things for as long as I can remember. It started with building relationships, then building teams, then building big-honking projects. The last one cannot happen effectively without the other two.

The greatest impact I want to have on this company is by being a mentor. A big part of who I am is training and helping people get to the next level.

My advice to the newest Truebeck employee: Ask questions – we will help you.

My first professional mentor helped me to understand that my integrity is non-negotiable or for sale.

Working on the Truebeck team has been one of the best experiences in my professional life, and it’s largely because of the people I work with, not the specifics of the job itself. I’m pleasantly surprised by that realization.

The people here have a unique and passionate quest for improvement for themselves, for their peers and for Truebeck.