General Superintendent

Mark Lewis

I think a critical part of working my way up in the trades comes from my time spent on the design side. I started working for an architect when I was 16, all the way into my twenties. That exposure allowed me to know what architects value and how to home in on what their design calls for.

Somebody once said to me, “Why don’t you go out into the field?” So, I got a job assisting a carpenter, and I never went back to architecture school. I took that pivot and I’ve been working my way up in the trades.

I love designing. In my house, I have a drafting table and I draw my own additions and other work I do on my own home. I love hand drawing.

When I was working for a carpenter, the immediacy of changing something in the physical environment was incredibly satisfying.

If you can earn the trust of the architect, it can smooth out a lot of bumps in the road. You want to create allies and teamwork.

Something to build your career on is integrity. When I’m working with trade partners, a fellow carpenter, or an owner, I put my best foot forward, do the best job I can, and keep my word.

The strength of Truebeck is how the Leadership team—the people driving at the top—realize that we are builders at our core. They put builders in the driver’s seat and create an infrastructure around them. This organization creates a fabric that can withstand a lot of stresses and challenges.

As builders we are problem solvers. How to solve problems in the construction environment is one of our strengths and its the key to how we as a team can be the best in the industry.

I love playing poker!

I enjoy problem solving games like word games and sudoku. There’s just something in me that likes to solve problems.

Building puzzles is a hobby I share with my wife. We listen to music and talk while solving them together. It’s very calming for me after a long day.